that other quartet  enjoy a range of projects including concert performances and recording, as well as collaborations with other artists of all genres. Here you can find information about some of the various programs

that other quartet have curated and produced. 


that other quartet presents a program about the art of communicating love.

LOVE NOTES is about the desire to communicate and express love through music.

Music inspired by romance, or that simply expresses a longing for someone, somewhere or something.  Butterflies and poetry. Broken hearts, betrayal and drama. All this through the  sounds of a string quartet - is it possible to hear a  love declaration in a  musical tone? We think so. 

Music by Leonard Cohen, Frida Hyvönen and Seinabo Sey, Mendelssohn and more. Some poetry, and a typewriter.

Last, but  by no means least, Leoš Janáček's manifesto of love: music from his string quartet Intimate letters, which he wrote at the age of 74, to his big love Kamilla Stösslova. The kind of love that one expresses through 700 letters and a string quartet...

The program is currently possible to book through the "Västmanlandsmusiken utbudsprogram" - look here!  

If you don't live in Västerås, but would like more information or to book this program please contact us:

Alice i Stråklandet

Info coming soon!

svindlande höjder.

Svindlande Höjder: what does Kate Bush have in common with  Clara Schumann, Björk and Birgit Nilsson?

A "side project" with Ruth and Gaia, consisting of a soprano, a violinist and a cellist. We call ourselves ERIKSSON/PILOSSIAN/SPARGO  and present classical romances  together with modern pop works in a completely new format.

For more information or to book this program, contact us on


25th July, 2018 7pm: Tyresö kyrka

5th August, 2018  7pm: Frösunda kyrka

16th September, 2018 7pm: Ärentuna kyrka